The Game

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The Game은 리게티 에튀드 “Fem”을 도구로 해서 새로 만든 룰을 체스의 룰과 함께 게임하도록 만들어진 작품이다. 이 게임의 결과를 무대 위에 실현한다. 2010년 서울문화재단 다원예술부문 지원사업 선정으로 ensemble Timf가 노원예술문화회관에서 초연하였다. 작곡가 버전인 Game-K가 성공회 성당에서 공연되었고, 서울대학교 국악과와 독일 Freiburg에서 초청공연되었다.


"The Game" is a work made to play the newly created rules with the rules of chess using etude 'Fem' of Ligeti as a tool. Realize the outcome of this game on stage. The composer's version, In 2010, the ensemble Timf premiered at the Nowon Arts and Culture Center after being selected as a support project for the multiple arts division of the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture. The composer version, Game-K was performed at the Anglican Cathedral and was invited to perform at Seoul National University's Department of Korean Traditional Music and Freiburg, Germany.

SNU version

Ensemble Timf version


Freiburg 2012 version